Regular start times are as follows.

Half marathon:
Expected finish > 2hrs 15min: 6:30am
Expected finish < 2hrs 15min: 6:45am
10km:   7:30 am
5km:     7:50 am
2km kids: 7:45 am


Note: With COVID situation, the above date may be changed at short notice. Dates are also subject to change without prior notice for circumstances that are beyond our control.

Make sure you are there with plenty of time to spare.  On race one you need at least 30 minutes before your race.  If you are registering on the day you need even more time - pay close attention to the cut off times.

Please note that if your expected finish time for the half marathon is over 2 hours 15 minutes you may start at 06:30am.  This new option has been introduced for slower runners so they are not on course by themselves, which was a common complaint of previous seasons.

This option is not for runners who are faster than 2 hours 15 minutes.  It is not option for people to start early as “they have other things they need to do later in the day.”  You cannot win the race starting in this early group.  For example: If you run an 80 minute half marathon and start at 06:30am and you are quicker than all runners in the 07:00am group, you will not win.  Please do not abuse this early start or you will be disqualified.

Bib Collection And Registration

When you buy a race pack, you do not need to tell us which races you intend to run.  So long as you have paid and registered, our systems will verify you as being eligible to run that race.

For your first race of the series, plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your race is due to start, to give you time to collect your bib. Bibs will not be posted out. Once you have collected your bib, keep it! It is yours for this series and beyond. If it gets lost or damaged, then please get in contact with us, and we will arrange a replacement for you.

The timing chip will be stuck to the back of your bib - leave it there! While you are wearing your bib, be careful not to walk too close to the start line until your race has started. Otherwise, the timing system will think you started much earlier than you actually did. This can be fixed, but it causes a bit of hassle for our timing volunteer.


Toilet facilities are located at Long St Park near the start area.

Drink Stations

There are three drink stations on course. One between the 2km and 2.5km point, one at the 5km point and one at the start/finish area. They will stock water, sports drink and jelly beans.

Bag Drop

You may leave your bag and possessions at the start/finish area at your own risk. The area will be undercover, but we can take no responsibility for items which are damaged or missing.

Post Race Refreshments

A selection of refreshments will be available to all competitors after the race.

Start and Finish Line Locations

The start/finish line is located at Long St Park, opposite 61 Long St, Smithfield NSW 2164.

Image of Long St Park
Long St Park


There is street parking around the start area.

Do not park on the grass verge near the start line as you risk being towed away.

Do not park in the local business parking areas as you risk being towed away.

The start and finish line are co-located at Long Street Park, Smithfield, Sydney. There is no dedicated parking lot, but street parking is available.  Please do not park in local business car parks or on the grass verge, or you risk being towed away.

The course is fully marked with a sign each at kilometre and markers where you should turn.  Please be aware the course is open to the public.  Keep left and be courteous out there.  We do not have the right of way.

Drink stations will be located near the start/finish area on both sides of the road. This is about the 5 km mark into the race.

Map of all courses

Interactive Course Map - 2 km kids course


Interactive Course Map - 5 km course

Interactive Course Map- 10 km course

Interactive Course Map - 21 km Course

The 21 km course consists of TWO full laps of the course shown below.