Where is SMC?

SMC  is located at Long Street Park (opposite 61 Long St) Smithfield 2164.  Each race is in the same location and the start and finish line are in the same location.

Where can I park?

Parking are available in Long Street and surrounding streets. We currently do not have a parking allowance at the start/finish area. Please be respectful to the residents of the area and keep the noise down!  There is no shuttle bus to or from the start line.

How do I get my race number/race bib and timing chip/tag?

You will need to collect your race number from the registration tables at the first race you attend.   Your timing chip will be stuck to the back of your race number.  Race numbers are not posted out.

I am not a very fast runner, is SMC for me?

SMC is a friendly and sociable running group for runners of all abilities. We encourage all runners of any ability or level to come to SMC and enjoy the ability to run in a group environment. You’ll naturally be nervous the first time you come. We’re all worried about being last, getting lost, or all manner of other things. We encourage you to look at our previous race results to see that we really do have people of all ages and abilities!  Also check out our Facebook page and you’ll see photos of previous events with people of shapes and sizes and speeds!

I am an elite runner, is SMC for me?

There are generally a number of elite level runners in each race to provide competition. Check out some of our previous results or course records to see if we can provide some tough competition!

Do I have to be a member to run at SMC?

No.  Membership is optional and you don’t have to be a member to run at SMC.  You do not need to be a member of any athletics club to run.  Anyone can run at SMC.

When will my results be published?

Every single person at SMC is a volunteer.  We all lead busy lives and do our best to make the club run like clockwork.  We do our very best to get the results out immediately.  They will be available as soon as we have them, please don’t email us asking where they are.

My division / age group is incorrect in the results?

This is highly unlikely.  We calculate your division based on your age on the first race of the series and you will stay in that division for the current series.  So if you register on 1st March 2013 and you are 30 years old.  Your birthday is January 1st, so on the 20th October 2013 you were 29.  That means you will be in the M20/F20 division for the series.  You will not be in the M30 division.  If your age group is wrong, you probably gave us an incorrect birth date.

Why are MP3 players, CD players, Walkman’s and headphones all banned?

For safety reasons, runners are not permitted to wear music players with earphones or headphones during any of the SMC Road Race Series events. Anyone who is found to be racing with earphones or headphones will be disqualified from the event.  This is for your own safety, so you can hear instructions, other users of the path, and other runners.  An incident could see our right to run on the course withdrawn and the SMC series shut down.

You are permitted to wear your iPhone or similar device if you wish to use it as a GPS device to track your run.  So long as you are not wearing earphones or headphones, that is fine.

Can you advise a public transport route to get to SMC?

In 99.9% of cases you’ll be just as equipped as we are to research your public transport options.  If you ask us, we’ll direct you the transport NSW website.  You could also ask for help on our Facebook page and see if other people can help you out with your question.

Can you advise how long it will take me to get from my location to the start line?

Not really, you’re just as equipped as us to find this information.  Use Google to get the directions you need.

Does SMC run a shuttle bus, or any form of transport, to get you to or from the start/finish area?

No, we do not.  Remember, SMC is a volunteer-based running club.  See the other FAQ about public transport.

I’ve registered online before, how do I register for another race?

This is answered in our registration help page.

I want to register for a race in the future, when will entries open?

After race 1 ends, we open registrations for race 2.  And so on.  So, at the time of writing, we’re approaching race 5 February.  You may only enter February’s race, not any others.  Once February’s race is over, we will open registrations for the next race, in March.

Is there somewhere I can leave my bag?

Yes.  You may leave your bag at the start/finish area.   No responsibility will be taken for your bag or its contents and the area is not ‘secure’.  So we’d advise you leave all valuables at home, or take them with you on the run.

I registered for 9 races before race one. When will I get my magazine subscription?

After race one, we’ll send all the details of the people who qualified for the free magazine subscription to Run For Your Life. They’ll then process them and organise the subscriptions.  Remember that it is a bi-monthly magazine, so it’s possible it will be a while before you receive your first issue.

I’ve purchased a race pack, do I have to tell you which races I plan to run?

No.  The procedure is this:  After registering online, pick your bib up at the first run you go to.  Keep your bib and keep it for the entire series.  Turn up to any races you want to.  Our timing systems will pick up that you have registered.

Does SMC offer training groups or runs?

Not currently.  Being a volunteer club, we need people to give their time to organise training runs and groups.

Will I get a medal, certificate or similar for finishing?

No, but you will achieve a sense of pride!  Remember that SMC is a club run, not a commercial event.  Therefore we do not give medals or certificates for finishing.

I’m coming from overseas, can I run at SMC?

Yes, anyone can run at SMC.

Weather – Will the race go ahead?

If it’s been raining, or is expected to rain on race day the race will go ahead, if conditions allow it.  If it is simply raining the race will go ahead.  The weather conditions would have to be deemed dangerous for it to be cancelled.

Can I run with a pram?

Yes, you can.  You need to self seed appropriately. If you’re a front runner with a chance of winning the race, then by all means go to the front at the start as it’s going to be more dangerous with you overtaking people from the back of the pack.  Generally, pram runners do start from near the back.  Use your common sense.  Do not get in the way of other runners or users of the path.  Shout clearly if you are overtaking someone.