The Club is very pleased to have awarded Life Membership to the following Members in recognition of their service and commitment to the Club as required by Constitution of the Club.

John Melnyczenko
Stephen Mifsud
Diane Courtney
Maureen Melnyczenko
Robert Fickel
Sharon Laughlin
Les Potter
Lily Reid
Greg Reid
Antoinette Mifsud
Raymond James
Luis Vasquez Recio
Jack Black
Bevan Hinitt
Joseph Buttigieg
Colin Jeftha
Rafic Awad
Bert Sloan
Graham Osborn
Ann Owen
Zenita Acaba


The Sydney Marathon Clinic Amateur Athletics Club Inc. by its Constitution may grant Life Membership.

It is granted to a member who has served the Club in such a manner as warrants the honour being bestowed.  The member can only be considered if all of the following conditions have been met:

  • They have actively served the Club for a period of five (5) years
  • They have been an active Committee Member for three (3) years
  • They have promoted the Club to the community and other sporting organisations with distinction