The start and finish line are co-located at Long Street Park, Smithfield, Sydney. There is no dedicated parking lot, but street parking is available.  Please do not park in local business car parks or on the grass verge, or you risk being towed away.

The course is fully marked with a sign each at kilometre and markers where you should turn.  Please be aware the course is open to the public.  Keep left and be courteous out there.  We do not have the right of way.

Tables for drink stations will be located near the start/finish area on both sides of the road. This is about the 5 km mark into the race.

Map of all courses

Interactive Course Map - 2 km kids course


Interactive Course Map - 5 km course

Interactive Course Map- 10 km course

Interactive Course Map - 21 km Course

The 21 km course consists of TWO full laps of the course shown below.