The SMC Road Race Series was originally based on a New Zealand concept of training for distance running, particularly marathons, in groups. In 1978, a group of runners from Sydney visited New Zealand to run in the Hamilton Marathon.

After the marathon, three members of the group went on a tour and were impressed by the Kiwi’s approach to training for such events. When they returned home, they decided to establish a club based on what they had learned there.

The Club

The aim of SMC is to promote running for runners of all levels and abilities.  We aim to help runners to train to a level where they can run events such as marathons, half marathons, 10km races, 5km races, City 2 Surf, and a whole range of other events. Each month, SMC offers runners the opportunity to take advantage of our accurate, timed, running events.

Sometimes it is hard to train by yourself or to go on a long run on your own.  In a group, we can enjoy each other’s company and we can run further and faster and challenge ourselves.

Running in a group is more fun than running alone.  During and after these runs we share running and training tips as well as things like diet, upcoming races, gear and all the other things that runners love to talk about.

Yarns and anecdotes, as well as new members, are always welcome and experienced runners are only too happy to help out newcomers with advice.


President Rafic Awad
Vice President John Dahdah
Treasurer Graham Osborn
Public Officers Rafic Awad
Graham Osborn
Volunteer Coordinator Ann Owen
Timing Operations & Race Results John Dahdah
Colin Jeftha
General Committee  
All of the above committee and everyone involved in SMC are volunteers.